uHemp CBD Hemp oil extract 300mg/3% (10ml)

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300mg  Full spectrum plant CBD extract.

Vegan certified.
100% Natural.
Gluten Free.
No additives.  
Pharmaceutical quality. 

HPLC Lab tested. CAS Number: 13956-29-1.

uHemp CBD extract is produced from organically grown Hemp Cannabis Sativa in the EU using CO2 extraction under the supervision of PhD scientists.



Whats the difference between uHemp CBD and Hempture CBD?
The uHemp CBD oil differs to Hempture oil in that its put through some extra filtration that removes some of the grainy plant material, what is left is still a full spectrum very high quality oil but with a much milder taste and more of a golden look, so it appeals to many people who sometimes didn’t like the strong hempy taste of our standard Hempture oil.