Premium Reusable Face Mask & 2 Filters

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These Premium Face Masks are made from a soft non-woven polyester fabric that's comfortable for wearing for long periods.

The ear loops can be adjusted to fit all.

The top of the mask has a metal band to shape the mask comfortably and securely around the nose. It also features an breathable valve for extra comfort and to avoid fogging up glasses.

The inside pocket holds a Standard PM2.5 Filter (2 supplied) These filters can be replaced daily for maximum protection. Order more filters here!

The PM2.5 filter is a replacement filter for your reusable face mask.

It features a five-layer Activated Carbon Filter System (5ACFS)



This is designed to protect you from a range of airborne contaminants, noxious smells and other harmful particles.




Size: Adult
Colour: Grey, Black, Red, Blue
Package contains: 1x Reusable Face Mask
                             2x PM2.5 Active Carbon Filters