60mg (6x10) Mini CBD Bath Bombs

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The Mini Bath Bombs are a mix of 6 of our larger types. Each one contains 10mg of CBD as well as Essential Oils. These are great  on their own as a Hand or Foot Soak, or Mix and Match to create your own unique bathing experience!


CBD Bath bombs are one of the most pleasurable ways of topping up your Endocannabinoid System. The Bath Bomb disolves after a couple of minutes in the water, leaving a warm and fragrant oasis for you to soak in.


All our Bath Bombs are hand made and contain the following ingredients; as well as different essential oils, specific to each one (listed above)

Epsom Salt
Citric Acid
Kaoilin Clay
Polysorbet 80
Coconut Oil
Soda Bicarbonate
Cold Pressed CBD Oil