Affiliate Program

We're excited to announce our new Affiliate Program.

cbd affiliate program
We have incredible customers that do so much to spread awareness of our products, that we wanted to both reward and encourage you.

The rules of the program are simple. As as affiliate of Nature's Link, you will be given your own unique discount code. This code will discount the entire order by 10%. At the end of the month, you will receive a commission which matches the savings used on your code that month. You can use this code yourself or pass it on to friends and family to use. The more people use it, the more you earn.
eg. If you give the code to 5 friends, who all spend €50 on the website. By using your code, they'll save €5 on that order and you will earn €5. So those 5 orders have the potential to earn you €25

If you'd like to know more, send me a message through here or through any of our Social Media Channels.

  • There's no upper limit to what you can earn. It doesn't require you to pay anything or buy anything up front. 
  • We will look after all Payment Processing and Postage.
  • The more promotion you're willing to do, the more you can potentially earn.